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Administrators, YB Advisors, & PTA

Fox-Mar Photography is the leader in digital school yearbook photography in South Florida. Our photographic services include general portraiture, high school senior portraits, dance photography, special events and sports teams. We serve over 200 public and private, high, middle & elementary schools in the tri-county area. Our customers select Fox-Mar because we offer the best in service and quality. Over the years Fox-Mar has contributed over 
$3,000,000 to schools.

Fox-Mar Photography has made a commitment to South Florida Schools by providing thousands of dollars in scholarships to selected journalism students. We also support many athletic programs and school activities throughout the year. Fox-Mar Photography is a member of the Dade Partner’s program and has received many awards of appreciation from our school clients. Fox-Mar Photography provides employment to nearly seventy families who live, work, and pay taxes in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach Counties & Florida’s Gulf Coast. Dollar for dollar, we doubt any photography company returns as much to the community as Fox-Mar.

In the Fox-Mar Portal, you will be able to view reports as to who has been photogrpahed and not photographed, as well as view and monitor yearbook pose choices (for senior portraits).   You will also be able to re-order ID cards, and securely transmit student information to us.   We also will provide a full library of digital downloads of the files you need to load into your grade book, ID software, Yearbook publishing software and other school admin tools.

We offer a variety of desktop or mobile software options to help look up important student information, such as schedules, ID numbers, or emergency contacts. 

Administrator CDs

All of your students’ digital portraits matched up with the school/student database. This CD eases the transfer of images directly into your yearbook and memory book layouts. You do not have to “cut and paste” photos anymore. We deliver them to you/your yearbook staff already sorted out by teacher and can be laid out on the page with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Student Portrait Packages

Delivered to the school individually labeled with the student's name, package purchased, and a mini-portrait on the package label. Packages can be sorted alpha by name, homeroom, grade, teacher, or whatever is best for your school.

Packages are delivered with a master list of students photographed, and a detailed list of the packages purchased. An additional distribution-packing list is provided to each teacher; this is another way Fox-Mar Photography simplifies picture day from beginning to end.

Ask about Fox-Mar's new Little Grad Kindergarten promotion program. Fox-Mar will provide a free personalized diploma to each kindergarten student as a keepsake.

ID Cards

We offer schools plastic reusable student/visitor badges for you to hang on lanyards or individual visitor labels.

We also offer custom designed student ID cards.

Ask about our onsite ID solution!


Fox-Mar can provide everything you need to create an amazing memory book for your school...


We offer fast and easy software solutions that allow you to create an unforgettable memory book. We also provide clip art, backgrounds, borders, custom covers, and personalized onsite support whenever you need it.

Yearbook Advisors & Administrators, would you like to see and use pictures that we have taken of your events? You will need a login and password to view photos. Please contact Rosy at if you do not have a login. 

Aerial Photography

Want to take a photo from up above? We are now capable of doing so. This is perfect for schools that take 5th, 8th, or even 12th grade class group photos. The possibilities are endless! Click here to see more.

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Let's Work Together

Reach out to talk to us about your school’s needs? Please allow us some time to meet with you and discuss what we can do for you. 

You can call Fox-Mar at 1-866-FOXMAR9


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