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Candids, Groups, Couples, & More! All in an Instant. 

PartyPics Now! is a service that Fox-Mar offers for prom and school dance photography.  As we strive to keep up with the latest tools and trends in digital photography, we have found that the traditional formal couple photos have become less popular and less reflective of the spirit of modern proms.


We will be sending a roaming photographer to capture candid moments throughout the event. We will still capture couples and individuals, but you will also have the choice of friends’ photos and groups.

Make Your Dance a Success with
These Great Features:

  • Variety of pictures to choose from, from individuals to candid shots.

  • Available online to view & purchase within 24 Hours.

  • Email & text notifications when images are ready.

  • Students & Parents can view & purchase their favorites with ease.

  • Great for social media.

  • Party Pics Now! makes prom & dance pictures better than ever.

Lets Work Together!

Interested in PartyPics Now?

Fox-Mar is here to help you make the most of your

prom, school dance, or event.

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