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Student & Staff

ID Information

For School Administrators Only

We offer very flexible programs to meet each schools' individual needs regarding ID Cards.


Some schools have comprehensive in-house programs, and simply need our help capturing the student body images each year. Other schools seek our advice on hardware and software to accomplish the same.


We are prepared and equipped to help your school with ID card programs properly.

Administrators, here are a few options we provide in cloud-based services for ID Cards.

Fox-Mar Portal

Perfect for reordering ID Cards and retrieving senior portrait status reports.

My PIMS Cloud

A web-based ID Printing tool for incremental ID cards, reprints from picture day, and new student additions.

Another web-based solution for easily reprinting and dealing with incremental ID issuances.


A mobile web-based tool for virtual ID Cards, selfie based ID Cards, that also supports everything listed above. Designed with CDC guidelines and social distancing limitations in mind for mass issuing ID cards. Students can use this to display a "live" ID Card on their mobile device that includes a QR code and/or Barcode. 


Need to Reorder

Your Student ID?

The information on this page is meant for school administrators.  If you are a student, parent or teacher, and you need to order a new ID Card directly from Fox-Mar, you can order it here: ID Re-Order

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